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Sunday, July 19, 2009

This Blog Has Changed To A Healthier Focus

I'm starting back at work tomorrow, coming off of a vacation. I am also going back to a healthier lifestyle. My weight is about 280 lb right now and I'd like to drop weight down to 245. That's just my shorter term goal. Ultimately, I'd like to be all the way back down to fighting weight of 180. It's been years since I've been that light.

Which brings me to the change I would like to have reflected in my blog. The title will remain the same. There will still be analysis and opinion. The only change is the game. Instead of a primarily finance and economics focus, I am going to broaden the focus to include more diet and healthy lifestyle articles. That's not to say that I may express my opinions about the world of bailouts and financial chaos from time to time. However, I would like to make this blog more of a useful tool for myself.

I am going to post a few times a week and let you know where I stand. Tomorrow I'll give you my current status so you have something to compare my progress against. It all starts here. See you tomorrow!

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