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Monday, April 4, 2011

Reindeer Wear Sneakers - Week 1

Reindeer Wear Sneakers
Week 1
Copyright - Trevor Stasik, 2011. All Rights Reserved.

Desmond stepped out of the ice cream shoppe with a bright purple scrunchy in his hair.
“Dad”, Amanda begged, “you’re wearing it all wrong”. She pouted her 10 year old pouty lips while her ignoring her banana-berry ice cream cone.
Desmond waved a hand in the air, like he was waving to a crowd on a Milan runway. “Mandy, I am trying to be stylish. Don’t you want me to look good when I meet your friends later?”
“Don’t be silly, Dad. Your hair is too short,” she took a small bite from the crunchy cone. “Can I have it back now?”
“What do we say, Mandy?” Amanda thought her Daddy raised his eyebrow particularly high. Higher than usual anyway.
“Very well then.” Desmond pulled the purple elastic hair accessory from his hair. A suspicious young couple paced inside the ice cream shop waiting for them to leave. Jessica giggled from behind the store’s glass window as she watched Amanda and her father walk away. Jessica pulled down the blinds to the front of the ice cream shoppe.
Desmond noticed none of this as he handed the scrunchy to his favorite girl.

End Week 1.

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