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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Three Places To Find My Content

Writing is such a complex and simple thing.  I enjoy writing, but trying to organize all of the unique aspects of my writing can be a challenge.  Some things that I write may work well for some people, but not for others.  Today, I would like to start to work out a solution to this.

Three Places To Find My Content

I have come to a decision about what to do with my content: blogs and websites.  In the next couple of months, I will begin splitting my writing up into three different channels:

1)  I will continue to use my existing blog at, but will limit my content there to discussions about the craft of writing, fictional writing, personal discussions, and any other topics that do not easily fall into the next two blogs.  My legacy business, finance, and HR posts will remain on the Blogspot site for the time being.

2)  I will use the relatively new LinkedIn blog as my base of operations for future posts about career related issues, business, finance, fundraising, and HR.

3)  I will start an entirely brand new blog and website to discuss the topic of genealogy and genealogical writing.  In the future, there may be some products or books that will be made available here.  I will probably set this up on Squarespace, as per recommendations from my wife, as well as from Dan Benjamin, Merlin Mann, and the crew over at 5by5.  I will let you all know that new blog and website once it is set-up.

Additionally, I expect that there will be some cross over between the three blogs will be crossover.  Topics that are appropriate for more than one blog, such my as my thoughts on productivity, may be posted in more than one location.  There expect there will be some crossovers when it comes to notifications and announcements (such as this post today).  However, there should be some original, exclusive content on all three eventually to give you a reason to visit all three, if you were to feel so inclined.

I do have some other message channels for those that can't get enough of this.  I have my Twitter at  Feel free to visit me on Facebook at  I am not on Google+ as much as I used to be, but that profile is here at  I even have a Pinterest that I upda
te once in a blue moon at  While I may occasionally link to my posts from these other channels, they are intended to be mostly personal (with pictures of my dog).  They will not be the primary source of distribution of any of my posts moving forward.

So, if you have any thoughts on this, please let me know.  Leave me a comment.  Hopefully you like the changes that will be coming in the following weeks and months.  I know I will enjoy it because it will allow me to think about my content more effectively and efficiently.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Any Ideas About Rebranding?

Good evening.  As you may be aware, I'm trying to come up with new names with which to rebrand the title of my blog (Listed at In the past, my blog has focused heavily on finance, business, and/or human resources.  I think that the new version of my blog will focus on genealogy, self-help, and research; while retaining some of the through-lines from old iterations of this blog.

Here are some of the ideas I’ve come up with so far for rebranding and retitling my blog:
      1) Predecessor Expressor
      2) Predecessor Successor
      3) The Predeceased
      4) Ancestor Predecessor
      5) The Before Times
      6) The Antecedent
      7) The Antecedence
      8) The Four Bears
      9) Khronotology (intentionally spelled incorrectly)
     10) KronoPop

What do you think? Do you like any of those?  I’m still playing around with what I want to do next with my blog.  Do you have any other ideas?   

Note: Please view the Disclaimer page for all liabilities and limitations.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Get Stuck

Just a quick FYI before you start reading this post.  I think I broke the cliché machine when writing this.  It’s 4:30 am in the morning and I was just writing down the thoughts as they came pouring out.  I hope nothing I said is too far off of the mark or offends anybody.  Please forgive me if I sound too much like a self-help fountain.

Get Stuck.

It’s okay to get stuck in life.  It means that at some point in your life, things happened to stop your momentum.  You ceased moving in the direction that you wanted to go.  Oftentimes, if we get stuck, it means that we were simply trying something that didn’t quite pan out.  This is a great time to follow that old phrase, “Fail fast, fail often”.  Once you know something isn’t working, once you know that you are stuck, you are now in a position to try new ways to get yourself unstuck.

Try something new.  Try something wild.  Try something untested.  If you are stuck in life and you keep doing the same kinds of things to try to get moving again, you will continue to keep getting the same kinds of results. 

Some problems will never go away, but you can go around them.  You can move beyond them.  Here are a few examples that popped in my head:

     1)  If you are confined to the house due to an illness - I know, that can be a bummer.  You and the doctors have tried everything.  Perhaps it is a good time to grow beyond your pot; to break the mold. Try to find a problem that you can solve.  Maybe you can’t fix your illness, but I’ll bet you can use your time to find a solution to something else.  Whether it is finally finishing that book you've been meaning to write or figuring out how to make the bathroom door stop squeaking, focus on the problems that you can actually fix.

     2)  When graduating college, you cannot find a job in your major - Eventually, you may have to take a job outside of your major.  It may suck, but I’ll bet if you look, you can find jobs that are more interesting outside of your major.  Try applying for those too!  Don’t limit your potential.

     3)  You have a family member that you can’t fix - No matter what you do, this family member will not change.  You continue to provide them with sound and reasonable advice, but they refuse to be responsible.  What do you do?  Maybe the best answer is to do nothing.  The relationship will stay stuck unless you accept that it’s not on you to force this change.  Try to find other ways that you can share with this family member outside of the problem.

These are just a few ideas.  Obviously, there are a bazillion-kajillion scenarios where you can get stuck.  There is no one solution.  It is okay to get stuck.  Hey, get stuck more often!  That is the best time to innovate, grab a crowbar, and come at your problem from the side.  

Note: Please view the Disclaimer page for all liabilities and limitations.

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