Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Brief Introduction To Game Theory

This short scene from the movie "A Beautiful Mind" is a good introduction to game theory.***

Game Theory is a concept that enables an analyst or mathematician to deduce the most likely scenarios that will occur, based on the interactions of rational decisions between beings. These interactions are like a series of games in which each side of a decision will attempt to make the choice that will benefit themselves the most.

If you're saying "huh?" then you're not alone. I am learning this stuff myself and I think that blogging about game theory will give me the opportunity to reinforce what I'm learning.

As an introduction, I don't want to delve any deeper today. Suffice it to say that Game Theory may aid in a variety of decision making situations. I will return to game theory again in the next few weeks as I learn more about it.

---------Sincerely, Trevor Stasik

*** Thanks to "Clinisbud" for loading the video on youtube. The video is his youtube object I linked to.

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