Monday, November 26, 2007

A New Direction, Talking About Strategies

Today I'd like to talk a little about "The Game". In general, I'm referring to the Eagles v. Patriots game last night and the direction the Eagles will choose to take their franchise. More specifically, I'd like you to think about this debate metaphorically, about to address how a person or team might attack a decision. Do you have any decisions where it may be time for you to consider a new direction?

The Eagles have a problem. After several seasons of repeated injuries and inability to close the deal during playoffs and the Super Bowl, the Eagles now have the opportunity to choose whether to keep Donavan McNabb as starting QB or change to the AJ Feeley. Donavan had to leave the game early last week due to an injury and was unable to play yesterday. AJ stepped in to fill his shoes and defeated the Dolphins, and came away with a near-win against the Pats last night.

The team has two paths that it can choose. The Eagles can choose to go down the known path with McNabb, who has proven repeatedly that he is injury prone and can't get the team through the Super Bowl. He does have an amazing arm and may yet spring to life like the Donovan of old. AJ has done amazing things in the past (2002) and as long as he isn't passing the ball to Asante Samuel, he looks great.

What strategy should the Eagles take? Is it time to try a new Quarterback or to stay with the old one. A new Quarterback would change the entire direction of the Eagles franchise.So, do you choose the known path that has some potential for success, or do you choose the unknown path with greater potential for success?

It's time for the Eagles to decide.

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