Friday, June 27, 2008

Thank You

Hello again. I am so glad that you have decided to join me today for another blog entry. Before I return my blog to discussing items of a financial nature, I would like to use this entry to thank some of the people that helped me through Temple University, my job hunting process, and getting my new job at Delaware Investments.

Mary Stasik - Before my mother passed, she drilled into me the importance of studying hard
Ernest Stasik - Supported all of my decisions and pushed me to work even harder
Christina Mahon - Kept me sane and tidy during my 3am study sessions. You were there for everything.
Vince Stasik - Thanks for being a supportive brother
Tina Duffy - Thanks for being a supportive sister
Pat Duffy - Reminded me to take breaks, even when time was limited
Uncle Francie - True believer!
Erica Nemeth - Listened as I talked about my plans
Megan Rimer - Showed me support, helped me with interviews, and gave me the confidence to succeed
Jena Bandini - Taught me the value of a well timed, handwritten thank-you note
Janis Moore Campbell - Your honest and forceful deconstruction of my early resume and interview techniques helped me grow stronger
James (Jim) McLaughlin - Helped me find new opportunities.
Clay Stewart - Believed in me no matter what!
Jim Stevens - Taught me the value of form, method, structure, and organization
Olga Hendzelyuk - Trusted me when I took the initiative on new projects with the Financial Management Association
Professor Stephen Kamp - Never stopped challenging me to meet the highest of expectations he set for the Financial Management Association
Professor Norman Roessler - Taught me about "Memento," "Holy Mountain," culture, tolerance, friendship, and new perspectives
Professor Siegel - Gave me numerous opportunities to hone my business strategy presentation skills on unique case studies. “Don’t forget about Porter’s Five Forces!”
Lucas Pfaff, Tzuo (Joe) Wang, Ben Iliopoulos - When facing overwhelming project requirements and unrealistic deadlines, you are the ones that had my back
Paul Pace - For reminding me where I've been before
Chris Callanan - Thanks for the interview and giving me a chance to prove myself
Lindwood Wilmer - Thanks for the interview and giving me the chance to prove myself
Tim Scanlan - Thanks for the interview and giving me a chance to prove myself
Tim Douglass - Thanks for the interview and giving me a chance to prove myself
Sam Tropio - Thanks for welcoming me to Delaware Investments and taking me under your wing
Stephen R. Covey - His book “7 Habits For Highly Effective People” has been such a help that I wanted to thank him
Steve Pavlina - The insights you wrote about in your blog at regarding time management and productivity helped me juggle numerous responsibilities while I was at school.

If your name was not included, it was not intentional. I could spend hours writing a list of thank yous. There have been so many people that have helped me along the way. I thank you all.

With my next blog entry, I will return to the topics of money, accounting, and finance.

Trevor Stasik

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