Sunday, March 1, 2009

Places To Find A Financial Statement

There are many places where you can find financial statements for firms that you want to research. The first place you can visit is the SEC's EDGAR database. This is where the 10-K and other financial statements submitted to the government are posted. In order to search their database for a company, follow this link here: Next, try the company's corporate website to find the financial statements. For example, you can find the reports for the following companies at the linked websites:


Aqua America

These are just a few examples. Visit the corporate websites of your favorite companies and have a look around. I'm sure you can locate the financial statements on many of those sites. Finally, you can find out abbreviated and modified versions of the financial statements on sites like Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, and WSJ. The financial statements are important documents in helping to determine the valuation and direction of a company. Best of luck in using these documents in your endeavors.

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