Friday, March 15, 2013

Internet Videos in the Workplace

I like turtles!  Is this real life?  Walk Gangnam Style.  These are just a few of the catch phrases used in funny Internet videos.  These catchy videos often create memes that are replicated over and over again as other people make their own videos referencing the original.  This is very much the same way these videos could be the source of a productivity drain on your company.  Welcome to another installment of "Casual Friday," my humorous look at something in Human Resources, Management, or Business.  Please take a moment at the end of my post to comment on the effect of internet videos on your workplaces.

Internet Videos in the Workplace

18% of all time wasted at work is by employees messing around on the internet.  Some of them might be checking Facebook, Twitter, or Google +.  Some of them might be checking up on their March Madness.  However, one of the other major culprit of productivity drain through the internet are funny videos.  15% of all videos watched are these viral videos. 

Next time you are in the office, think about how much time and money are being spent on cat videos:  If you are at work, seriously, how many of you clicked on that link to look at cat videos?  How productive was that?  There are numerous IT solutions that can be used for tracking and monitoring the websites that employees use and the large amount of bandwidth that comes from watching these videos.  Be sure to include a notice in your employee handbook that you will be tracking your workers online actions.  You may also want to consider filtering and blocking websites that use too much bandwidth, as these could be internet video time wasters.

On The Other Hand

First, keep in mind that not all workers are wasting time watching useless videos online.  Some of them may be watching instructional or industry related videos that are most easily accessed on YouTube.  Some workers may be doing background research for an upcoming meeting.  Do not automatically assume all workers watching videos online are wasting company time on your company’s dime.  Finally, consider that if your workers are actually wasting a few minutes watching a funny video, they may be an indication that they need a break.  70% of employees believe short breaks throughout the day are beneficial to their productivity.  Consider the output and productivity of the worker watching the funny video before considering discipline.  If they are completing more than their share of the workload for your team, perhaps funny internet videos are exactly what they need to stay productive.

And remember all of you Human Resources professionals: Be Human... Be a Resource... Be a Resource for Humans.

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