Monday, November 12, 2012


I am attempting to develop a “Personal Brand” and then figure out a social media strategy for presenting myself online.  Later on, I would love some feedback.  Feel free to give me 4 or 5 words that you think best describe me.  At the end of my post, there are some links to articles that I visited and borrowed concepts from.  You ought to go check them out.


A personal brand is important in a career, regardless of whether you are looking to improve in the job you are at now, looking for a new job, or looking to branch out in your own business.  Personal branding is deliberately packaging yourself to create a specific perception about yourself; what I am known for and what people seek me out for. 

Here is my initial concept for my personal brand:  I want to be known as a highly organized, relentless pursuer of Human Resources knowledge; someone that people come to focuses on developing the potential of human capital; and a person that people can trust and people can come to for advice.  I also want to be a person that occasionally communicates their interest in the economy/politics and science-fiction. 

Please keep in mind - that was just a first draft of my branding message; part of an evolving process.  Please feel free to give me your own tips and advice.

So for my Social Media Strategy, I am looking at 6 primary focuses:  LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and my blog.  I am not exactly sure how to best use them.  My first thought is to put long form posts that are not necessarily topical on Facebook and on my Blog.  Then to use Google+ for notes that are topical and benefit from chonological release.  Twitter could be good for short reminders, motivational messages, and items to drive people to my other media.  Pinterest; I am not exactly sure how to incorporate that - maybe use more infographics.  On LinkedIn, I should try to find some questions that I can answer.

Anyway, let me know your ideas.  I expect this strategy to evolve and expand.

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